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Apr 24, 2014

late night music

I’m not in the mood for sleeping.
I ran a 5k at midnight called the Midnight Fun Run, and it was my third and last one :( :)
Some of the music I’m enjoying at the moment:
Petey Pablo - Show me the money
Pearl Jam - Better man (live)
Pharrel - Happy
N.O.R.E & Daddy Yankee (and a shit ton more people lol)- Oye mi canto remix
Jay Z & Beyonce - Bonnie and Clyde
John legend - Green light
Nickelback - Hero
Jamiroquai - Main Vein
Britney Spears - Outrageous remix
Blaque - I’m good
Carmen Twillie & Lebo M - Circle of life
Daft Punk - Get lucky (totally just got up from my bed at 4am and started dancing to this in the dark, my animals probably think I’m weird)
Shakira - Empire

I now have 1,037 songs in my ipod.
That makes me so happy :)

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just take them for what they were

I’ve had this happen to me twice.

That moment when you meet a really cool person. In this case it was two really chill guys.

One of them I met when I studied abroad and on my last day there. We went out to celebrate and we stumbled upon these two guys that a girl in our group had to talked to earlier that day. She invited them to join us. And they did.

At first I wasn’t talking too much to them, but as the night progressed I started to one of them. Totally cool guy was traveling with his family all the  way from South American up to Central America and then the United States. I was amazed by it. I love to talk to people about their perceptions of different countries and just their overall experiences and ideas. I talked to this guy more than the other, and we hang out the whole night, danced, drank, pretty awesome night overall. 

At the end of it, we said our goodbyes and that was it. We didn’t exchange numbers, emails, facebooks I guess applies now a days, not even last names. It was just the end of that. 

For the other guy, it happened today, the end of the semester. 

I spent the whole semester in the same class as him, but didn’t really start talking to him until the middle of the semester. He was a pretty cool and nice individual.

We would talk at the beginning of class, during our break (two hour block classes need breaks!!) and the usual whisper while the professor was lecturing.

Today, he asked where I was going after class and I said well…home! He then proceeded to ask where my bus stop was and then I told him the building and he said okay cool, I take the bus there too and I don’t want to walk by myself. I laughed, said poor baby and at the end of class we walked together to our bus stop.

We talked about life, our families, our plans and what we were doing after graduation, mine is in 12 days, his in a year.

Once we reached the bus stop, we continued talking and I thought it was adorable when he asked what color my eyes were and then began staring at them and said they were a light brown but not quiet and just really stared. I just made faces and laughed. 

After this his bus came and we hugged and he said well we’ll see each other… and then stopped, and said wait we aren’t going to see each other anymore. I said nope and he just stood there quiet for a few seconds as his bus was about to leave and then he smiled and I waved and said bye. And that was it.

There is something about these short encounters that I have with people that don’t turn into anything. They are just there, you take them for what they were, nothing else.

I enjoy them. The mystery of it. The idea of what if. 

The beauty of a short friendship. Enjoy what you had. 

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F-ing hilarious! I can’t breathe!


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exactly how I feel about the past two years of my life.

On an unrelated another note. I freaking miss this show.

Sailor moon, are you trying to give me a lesson on chemistry? 
Because I already went through all of them lol
Apr 17, 2014

Sailor moon, are you trying to give me a lesson on chemistry?
Because I already went through all of them lol

Apr 15, 2014 / 1 note

Lunar Eclipse

Here I was.

Just sitting outside with my dog, waiting for the lunar eclipse.

My cat started to go crazy and cry a lot so I decided to take my dog back to the apartment.

I was just waiting. It was half way there. Then three quarters.

I had the idea that I was going to watch it by myself, but that was okay with me. I was just extremely excited to watch it happen.

After all it was my first time…. 

All of the sudden, people started to come out of the apartments, every one mesmerized and excited about it. 

We started to talk, enjoying the beauty that nature was bringing us at that moment. 

And I loved it. I love how one little thing brought people together, even if it was for a couple of minutes. 

Just all watching, enjoying the same event. 

I’m happy I was able to share that amazing experience with complete strangers. 

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so when did this happen? do their transformations look like those of sailor moon? or is it just me? 
Thanks to my brother for showing me this, no idea how he found it haha
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so when did this happen? 
do their transformations look like those of sailor moon? or is it just me? 

Thanks to my brother for showing me this, no idea how he found it haha

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